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Andrea & Matt

in our own words


Thank you for taking the time to read about us.

We understand what an important and difficult decision you are faced with. Whatever path you choose takes a great amount of courage and your bravery is an inspiration to us.

Please know that we will be there for you every step of the way. Your journey will become part of our journey, and we truly look forward to going through it together.

If after reading our story you would like to learn more about us or have questions, please reach out to us any time. We look forward to getting to know you and speaking with you soon.

Whatever you decide, we wish you all the best!

Andrea & Matt


The Basics


We are Andrea and Matt, a happily married couple living in Connecticut.

Matt grew up in NYC and then moved to the suburbs in Westchester County, NY. Andrea was raised in a suburb along the Hudson River, also in Westchester County. We both happened to buy apartments in the same town before we eventually met years later.


Our Home in Connecticut

We quickly knew the next step in our lives was to own a home in a nice neighborhood with good schools and extra space for our future family.

About Us

How We Met Andrea came across Matt’s profile on a dating website. With a mention of taking dancing lessons in Matt’s profile, Andrea invited him to a local dance studio for their first date. Coincidentally, we had lived across the street from each other in opposite apartment buildings for 9 years without ever meeting!


Matt was immediately drawn to Andrea’s fun and engaging personality. We can talk about any topic for hours, learning from each other and always laughing along the way. For Matt the thrill of that first date has never ended.

Who We Are We are not only husband and wife, but best friends. We respect one another and our differences, ask each other advice, have deep, meaningful conversations and most importantly, laugh. A lot. When we are together you will almost always hear laughter.


Matt has the patience of a saint and is one of the most thoughtful people I know. Every day he does little things for me that prove his love. He is smart and enjoys educating himself. He goes with the flow and doesn’t stress about small things. He gives great hugs. Oh yeah, he’s funny, too.

Andrea’s mind is always flowing with creativity, from designing the look and feel of a room to picking the perfect gift. She lights up any room with her bright personality, engaging everyone around her. I’ve never met anyone else who will put so much thought and care into learning about someone’s soul and gain deep empathy for each person.


Interests and Hobbies


We both love cooking. That’s Matt on the top-left at a cooking class we took together for our anniversary. Those are Andrea’s first set of holiday cookies - not bad for her first try - they even tasted good! In addition to being a master griller, Matt has also taken up smoking meats. Lucky Andrea - Yum!

Andrea enjoys gardening. Along with flowers and shrubs, she has been into growing tomatoes and other veggies. Nothing beats a tomato right from your backyard!

Andrea is a self-proclaimed bird nerd. It’s also a great hobby to go along with her love of photography.


We have recently taken up kayaking. Being in Connecticut, we have many options for where to bring our boats for a leisurely row.

We enjoy taking walks or just hanging out in our many local parks which are beautiful every season.

We both love cars and race go-karts for fun. We also both love winning. Can you guess
who won this race?

Hockey is our favorite sport and we enjoy going to Rangers games at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

Is laughing a hobby? It should be.

We attend shows a few times per year - concerts and stand up comedians in particular. Below is blues musician Buddy Guy and some performers at the Circus. Going to the Big Apple Circus with Matt’s parents every holiday season is a tradition.


Matt grew up taking things apart and putting them back together. As soon as he touched his first computer, he was hooked. He wanted to know how they worked from the ground up and program them to do new things. Matt studied computer science and math in college and has been programming ever since.

Andrea fell in love with making pottery on a wheel and takes a weekly class. She really enjoys making bowls, mugs and vases from start to finish. It’s a change of pace from designing on a computer all day for work.

Why Adoption

Even before we knew we wouldn’t be able to conceive on our own, we both thought of adoption as such a wonderful thing. We cherish the idea of bringing someone special into our home and providing a loving environment. We have many wonderful memories with our families and we want to create more with a child we are lucky enough to adopt.

A good friend of ours has an adopted son who is now 19. We have other friends and extended family who have adopted as well and seeing what a close family they are is an inspiration to us.

Adoption or biological - all we see is the love, care and special moments they show and have with one another and that’s all we want, too.

Coloring with a friend’s daughter.
This work of art
now lives on our fridge.

Playing corn hole
with our friends
and their sons.

Our neighbor’s son
wanted to have a
Lego play date with Matt.

The Children in Our Lives

We understand that families come in all shapes and sizes and we are no different. Our close friends ARE our family. Their kids call us "Aunt" and "Uncle". We vacation and spend holidays together. We are a part of something special yet none of it is biological. We believe love is love, no matter where we come from.


Our Nieces & Nephews Over the Years


Our Daily Lives

Our Jobs Andrea works as the lead designer for a children's wellbeing brand. She's been with the company for four years and has been a graphic designer specializing in packaging design for over 20 years. Andrea truly loves her career.

Matt is a software engineering executive at a financial technology company. For over 25 years he’s been building software and leading teams for a variety of industries. He has a passion for bringing smart people together and solving problems.


We are both lucky enough to work at home 3-4 days a week which gives us flexibility to take care of your baby. Both of our companies are extremely supportive of a strong work/life balance, which is very important now more than ever.

Our Pets Andrea has been around animals her whole life. Her grandma would rescue any stray that came her way and had such a love for animals. Andrea takes after her grandma.


Now that we are in a home with more room we recently decided to again rescue two cats from a shelter. One is named Sophie, who is a beautiful, smart “cat-thlete” and another younger, black kitten named Bebe (after BB8 from Star Wars) who is a snuggle monster that sleeps in between our pillows every night.

Dinner Time! We LOVE food. We find it very important to eat healthy, whole foods, try new cuisines, try new recipes, and keep it interesting. We take turns making meals for one another and clean up as a team. We like to eat at the dinner table together or cozy up on the couch and watch TV. We certainly enjoy take out for those lazier evenings after a hard day at work.


Weekends Speaking of food, we enjoy heading to our favorite diners for breakfast or brunch on the weekends. If we're not out, Andrea is cooking up an egg concoction of some sort complete with banana pancakes, bacon, and home grown tomatoes - and of course extra coffee to ease into our weekend. Our typical weekends consist of seeing friends and family, going to an arcade, go-kart racing, watching a hockey game, strolling around a local park or beach, visiting NYC museums, shopping and cooking lunches and dinner for the week.  Here we are at a 90s concert at one of our local CT parks!

Our Family & Upbringing

Andrea is of Italian and German decent and grew up in a home full of warmth, love and understanding and she attributes the woman she’s become to those values. They spent every Sunday at Grandma and Grandpa’s house and has fond memories of those weekends with Aunts, Uncles and cousins. Andrea always had many friends in school, and her parents would welcome them as members of their own family. Some of those friends are still in her life today!


Matt’s father often took him to science and history museums and encouraged him to learn new things. His mom introduced him to television acting at a young age. Both encouraged Matt’s interest in playing music and allowed him to perform in local concert bands and parades.


Andrea and her family were always very affectionate.


To the left, an older photo of her smothering her mom with kisses, love and apparently something funny.

On the right, one of Dad’s big, warm hugs.

Andrea’s love of cooking comes from her mom and grandma, where cooking and gathering was an integral part of their family.

Andrea got her love of cars from her dad. They went to auto shows together often.

On the left, a museum day with Matt’s mom
and stepdad in NYC.


On the right, Matt’s dad and stepmom at our house for Thanksgiving. We host every year!

Visiting Matt’s mom and stepdad.


Here’s a photo of us just before boarding a boat for a sightseeing day cruise in Florida.

Our Thoughts on Parenting

We find respect for others, tolerance, empathy and love the most important values that
we wish to pass to the children we parent.


We are big believers of teaching children diverse schools of thought and letting them decide their own path. Education and learning are important to us and our future children. We believe at the core of a good person is kindness and empathy. Andrea’s mom and dad taught her this through their loving actions and she believes this is the best way to pass these values along to children.


We believe in encouraging a child to have their own thoughts and ideas and we get a kick out of watching them grow and learn. We look forward to teaching your child while we experience life together as a family and getting involved in their hobbies and interests as they get older.


We did a west coast road trip from Oregon to San Francisco for our honeymoon.

The west coast is like no other. Here we are in Oregon making our way down to California.

Taking in the majesty of the Redwood Forest in California.


A relaxing vacation in Naples, FL. The calm waters and beautiful sunsets of the Gulf coast is why we love it so much.

Dog sledding in Canada. Wow are those huskies strong and fast!

Matt pretending to run from the Star Wars AT-AT Walker at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. He’s truly a kid at heart. I can’t wait to see him play with your child.

Car racing excursion in Mexico.

Lake house rental vacation.

We learned the hard way that rowing in the wind is not easy, even with a motor!

We love lake homes so much, we plan on buying one soon and can’t wait for it to be a fun and relaxing gathering place for our family.


Hiking and boating with the family on a New Hampshire “camping” trip.

Matt only calls it true camping when you’re sleeping in a tent. We chose cozy cabins.

Our Community

We both grew up in neighborhoods with mixed cultures and believe it’s important to know how people live different styles of life. Our community is diverse and provides urban, suburban and rural-ish areas which make it culturally varied and a fun place to live and play. There are many multicultural festivals and restaurants that we enjoy attending.


Our street has a close-knit family vibe where parents feel safe to let their children play outside and hang out with neighbors. We often have summer parties or backyard fire pit gatherings. Halloween is especially fun in this area - some people from other neighborhoods come here to trick-or-treat. We know that your child will be welcome here.

We moved our fire pits to our front yards to watch the kids in costumes enjoy snatching up some pre-packaged treats.

Enjoying a crisp autumn day at one of our local beaches.

Our community has museums, nature centers and family farms. We love them so much we chose one as our wedding venue! We go back often to their events and even just to pet the cows, horses and laugh at the ducks. Don’t worry, we’re really laughing with them, not at them.


This funny duck was not officially invited to our wedding, but we welcomed him nonetheless.

Post-Adoption Plans

We value your wishes and are open to discussing
post-adoption options.


We believe in and practice communicative, honest relationships and those with your child would be no different.


Our plan is to be open about you and your journey and to foster an environment where questions and curiosity are encouraged by our family and those around us.


We look forward to meeting you and discussing contact before and after delivery however you feel most comfortable.

Contact Information

To speak to Andrea or Matt directly


To speak to our attourney Michael S. Goldstein




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